Our process in helping buyers find businesses is handled with the same attention, care and efficiency as our sales process.

As such, our initial meeting is designed to establish your business acquisition objectives and ensure that we can work together to execute a strong and cost effective acquisition.

Our approach to an acquisition mandate at SVG Capital Group generally involves the following:

  • Identify the Key Characteristics of the Target Business – Through discussions with you, we will set out the key characteristics of a business that fits your needs. This will allow us to narrow our research efforts to a select group of businesses.
  • Research the Market – We will research and prepare a list of potential business acquisition targets to review with you. This will be done discreetly, by utilizing our extensive network of contacts throughout North America, and through in-depth research of the market.
  • Review the Target Listing – We will review the target listing with you to confirm the fit and to prioritize the targets.
  • Approach the Targets – Once the list has been approved by you we will undertake to approach the principals of those companies to determine their interest in the potential sale of their business.
  • Pricing Analysis – Once interest has been established from the target company, we will initiate appropriate business valuation analysis (through our affiliate Spence Valuation Group) which will set a target price range for you to consider.

As always, our goal is then to help you negotiate to successfully conclude a business acquisition that meets your needs.

Alternatively, for those buyers who aren’t sure exactly what business they are looking for, but will know it when they see it, please click the link below to register for our buyers’ database. You will receive an e-mail alert for any new listings that match your criteria.

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