SVG Capital advises eDynamic Learning on its successful transaction

May 17, 2017 – Gauge Capital of Dallas, Texas has partnered with the shareholders and management team of eDynamic Learning ULC (“eDynamic” or the “Company”) and made a strategic investment in the Company.  Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, eDynamic Learning is a leading provider of online career and elective courses serving … Continue reading »

Retiring as an Owner Operator

Throughout the last few years, there has been a lot of commentary in the media on the effect of the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age. Baby boomers with salaried jobs have a relatively simple transition to retirement as long as they have built up sufficient savings; what about those baby boomers who are business … Continue reading »

What are your potential sources of capital?

The sources of capital that are available to you as a business owner and entrepreneur are dependent on the stage of your business and can be affected by everything from your industry to the age of the company. Set out below are a few of the major categories of capital sources that you may have … Continue reading »

Potential Synergies in the Purchase of a Business

A key consideration for a strategic purchaser evaluating an acquisition opportunity is the benefits that can be realized by the purchaser. The first benefits that come to mind are through the acquisition of the profits and cash flows of the business, but other benefits known as synergies have the potential to be realized as well. … Continue reading »

Is it a Good Time to Sell Your Business?

There are many factors that determine the right time to sell a business. Certainly external economic factors come into play – the stage of the economic cycle, interest rates, alternative investment options, industry trends, etc. can impact the timing of a successful business sale. Unfortunately, these external factors are beyond your control. What you can … Continue reading »